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Fierce Husbands

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Fierce Husbands are men who are passionate about living on purpose, for a purpose much larger than themselves.

Ryan Frederick

Created by Ryan Frederick

Co-Founder, Fierce Marriage

Why is this needed?

Men are desperate for honest, Christ-centered community. We're designed for it.

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    Every follower of Jesus is called to be conformed to his image. That doesn't happen without discipleship and gospel-centered friendships.

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    We are designed for community, but life's rhythms don't always allow it. An online group of guys won't replace in-person discipleship, but it's a good start.

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    Find Help

    Honesty and transparency are the only ways to grow in character. This is a safe place where men can share their most intimate struggles and find help to deal with them.

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    Give Help

    God desires for men to help mold and disciple each other. This is an intentional space where wisdom is wanted and given in abundance. Ministry happens here.

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    Build Real Skills

    Men need to learn from other men. If you have a skill, another man likely needs help learning it. If you're stuck, find answers and solutions from other men who love Jesus.

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    Live Adventurously

    We're wired for adventure. It looks different from man to man, but the core wiring is the same. This is a place where adventures will begin.


(coming soon)

No man needs more meetings but every man needs brotherhood. True community and real discipleship only happen when we share a physical space. Excursions are designed to facilitate relationships and growth through unique interactions and experiences.

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